Are gods and goddesses supposed to be treated as our superiors (as opposed to us living their spirits embodied in the ways we handle our daily life matters)? What does it mean to worship religious landmarks and monuments versus holding a statue in our hands upon unwrapping it from an Amazon order box? Do we typically not want to touch ecclesiastical objects because of its inviolable connotations, or because we might not be as visually attracted and mesmerized to them as an object as qualify for more voluntary inspection and curiosity-driven interactions(?)

~102” x 110” x 84”

Full Materials List:
Air Dancer (Wiggley Giggley), Bandaids, Bread Bag Tags, Casted Broccoli, Chicago Parking Sign, Crystal Gemstone Stickers, Flower Stickers, Fruit Foam Jacket, Fortune Cookie Papers dated 2014-2018, Goldfish Crackers, Metal Chain, Mini Rubber Chickens, Mojo Jojo’s Hat, おジャ魔女どれみ’s Wand, Pingpong Balls, Pre-Tang Dynasty Guanyin Cutout, Sagittarius Aiolos’s Armour, Sim Cards, Sushi Bento Grass, Vinyl, Walker, Wand (Blue), Wet Floor Sign